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Taylorfitch Event Booking System

Perfect for a streamlining training courses for Safeguarding Teams, Council Members and many more. Call us today on 0845 6442520 or email to set up your demo.


Taylorfitch News update, February 2019

Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board website, one year on...


Here is what Sheffield had to say about using their taylorfitch cms website.

"FANTASTIC! Like a breath of fresh air - So easy to use! Love its simplicity, and still a powerful tool! Everything you need - A great aid to get information out to people quickly"


Taylorfitch News update, February 2018

London Borough of Barnet Council, Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership website launch


As part of the new website for the Children Safeguarding Partnership we also designed their new logo.

"Everyone is pleased with how good it looks and how easy the site is to update."




Taylorfitch News update, December 2017

Ashford Borough Council launch Ashford housing news


The Senior Communications Officer said about the new housing news,
"Thank you, I just had a sneak peak and I really like it!"





Taylorfitch News update, November 2017

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Connections eMagazine


When the North and South Essex Partnerships merged to become the new Essex Partnership they asked us to design and build their new staff eMagazine.

The Communications Officer said,
"The overall feedback from the rest of the team is very positive. All of us really like the new Connections"



Taylorfitch News update, November 2017

Slough Borough Council, Slough Safeguarding boards receive great feedback


The Chief Executive said,
"This looks so much better and is very easy to use."





Taylorfitch News update, November 2017

Midlothian Council, Connect eMagazine


The Communications and Marketing Team Lead said, "We've had great feedback, which is smashing!"





Taylorfitch News update, October 2017

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, The Chief Executive's bulletin


"The Chief Executive gives the new bulletin the thumbs up!"






Taylorfitch News update, September 2017

Hertfordshire County Council, Family Services Commissioning give positive feedback


The Development and Commissioning Officer said,
"Good news! Our first issue of FSC news was a great success and I've had a lot of positive feedback about the way it looks."




Taylorfitch News update, August 2017

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue launch new staff emagazine 'Burning Issues'








Taylorfitch News update, August 2017

Two new Safeguarding websites go live


Visit the Sefton LSCB website here

Visit the Liverpool LSCB website here

Taylorfitch News update, June 2017

Worcestershire Acute NHS staff give positive feedback


The Head of Communications said,
"We've had good feedback from users who like the new format! We're really pleased!"

Taylorfitch News update, June 2017

Groundbreaking new Safeguarding Product


Sefton Safeguarding Children Board have gone live with their new Web Responsive Procedures Manual.

This new manual replaces their previous PDF version as a quick to download online and is easy to read as well as search to find the relevant section plus includes the following features:

  • Your logo at the top.
  • Your current manual uploaded for you.
  • Search, to find information quickly.
  • Easy to use Content Management System, enabling you to make updates yourself.
  • A quick link app for staff to upload to their phones, enabling them to read the procedures on the move.
  • When updates are made, there is an audit trial to show the update and the date it was made and where it was made.
  • Built in sign up for updates and database for you to send out the new manual to.
  • Full training and unlimited support.
  • Taylorfitch News update, May 2017

    Just a few Advantages of Web Based E-Newsletters over html emails

  • 100% accurate reader statistics.
  • unlimited content, no more scrolling.
  • Unique back issues storage.
  • Twitter feed.
  • Quick link app.
  • A great platform for video.
  • The Taylorfitch easy to use (CMS) content management system.
  • Taylorfitch News update, May 2017

    Still Councils' first choice for employee communications


    Taylorfitch News update, January 2017

    Warwickshire Council communicating with School Heads in style!

    Taylorfitch News update, January 2017